The Five (Best) Ways To Win At Roulette

They all tried. They have written strategies, researches, pseudo-certified studies. Everyone has tried to write the best way to win at roulette.

Archive September 19, 2020

The Five (Best) Ways To Win At Roulette

They all tried. They have written strategies, researches, pseudo-certified studies. Everyone has tried to write the best way to win at roulette.

We have not escaped this challenge and, if you really want to try your luck, do it at least judiciously and safely on one of the casinos recommended and approved by us by aams.

So, here are our five tricks, methods, or secrets for winning at roulette:

1-Be satisfied. It’s not easy, we know, but the real secret is to stop at the right time. Big fortunes in roulette are made by accumulating many small fortunes. So behind the best winnings, there are almost never very big risks, but rather small margins in each play. The objective must therefore be only one: always aiming to win, even a little, to stay in front, at any time of the match.

2-Roulette does not remember. It can be obvious, even stupid. But it is so. Roulette has no memory; it does not count the even numbers that come out in a row; it does not make any calculations. So it is essential to forget the previous plays and let go, trying to be less strategic than what we want to be.

3-Luck. It is not true that it always helps the bold. But it is true that it plays an important role in the game and in roulette. When the calculation is not needed, and instinct is king, luck is a train to be able to grasp, on the fly, but also to abandon, with the same haste, when things turn the wrong way. Because, as we said in the first point, it is essential to be satisfied.

4-Precisely, for this reason, we must be intelligent. And intelligence is the fourth “secret” to winning at roulette. But not as a system to find the most complex trick, also because all the methods, even the most ingenious ones, to win “easy” at roulette have failed miserably, one after the other. Smart means being disciplined and not greedy.

5-The mother of luck is called risk and instinct. A particular mix, which is well blended, can give the best satisfaction to the game.

The risk, because there is no win that does not pass from a bet: pulling back the hand can save you a disappointment but certainly does not give you wins.

Instinct, because in the end, and perhaps even a little earlier, roulette is a spinning ball, and as such, it is our imperceptible movement to guide us towards an even number or an odd number.

They will be trivial, they will not be revolutionary, but we assure you that these are the best 5 ways to win at roulette. Now try it!

Five Tips For Winning Online Slots

The figure is objective and has been confirmed by the trends of 2016. Of the 95 billion euros of gaming volume in Italy, almost half come from machines of various kinds.

But how to be able to win at online slot machines in the fantastic casino world? There is no certain solution, but there are several strategies for trying to win against the dealer.

Choose a convenient welcome bonus. Being able to win consistently at online casinos is not easy, and requires a component of skill mixed with a bit of luck. The only way to be sure of starting with a good cash contribution is to take advantage of the welcome bonus offered by the best gambling companies. The possibilities for new players are diverse, and the choice often depends on financial resources.

Select a legal site. The control of AAMS guarantees players safety in betting and money movements. The risk of relying on a pirated site is to find accounts with greater possibilities or not being able to adequately manage money transactions. Avoiding scams is already a good way to save money and not give it away to those who would take it without merit. With so many reviews on the internet, finding the most trustworthy sites is pretty simple.

Establish a maximum amount to spend. It is okay that with the welcome bonuses, you can get a significant amount to start with, but sure to squander your assets in a few days would be colossal nonsense. The ideal is to establish a maximum amount to spend during the day and one to invest in the betting sector. Figures that do not affect the player’s financial security, of course. This allows you to get an idea of ​​what has been lost, stopping the meltdown. Experienced players know that it is important to maximize your winnings on lucky days, but it is equally important to minimize your losses on unfortunate ones.

Don’t force plays on good days. One of the most common mistakes of players is the desire to overdo it. A series of positive plays lead to the desire to overdo it, to achieve more. This is followed by a series of higher bets, in the belief that they can earn more. In reality, slot machines present the bill sooner or later. Especially if you lose sight of the correct way to play the game, this is why we must consider the idea of ​​ending a session at the height of success. Raising the bar too many risks leading to a break.

Choose the best slot types. It seems obvious advice, but often players do not properly analyze the machine in front of them. With the wide choice available online, not relying on the best is a real shame. Each player knows their characteristics and knows whether they prefer to have more opportunities to win low prizes or not to hit the jackpot. Plus, the range of background scenarios, also an interesting element to understand which slot to play. For the rest, it will be just a matter between the player and the machine, with no other precautions to take into consideration.